Differential Pressure Transducers

Differential pressure transducers measure the difference in pressure between two points, typically referred to as P1 and P2 or high and low. This type of sensor can be used to monitor level in a sealed tank, cleanliness of a filter, or flow across an orifice. Differential pressure transducers can be packaged in miniature OEM designs or rugged industrial packages. These sensors can also be calibrated as unidirectional or bidirectional depending on the customer’s application.

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CS14 Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Transducer

The CS14 Wet/Wet media isolated differential pressure transducer is designed for various differential measurement applications including filtration and tank level monitoring. Various electrical output signals and connections are available with a line pressure rating up to 500 PSI line pressure and differential pressure ranges up to 300 PSI.

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