Industrial Pressure Transducers

Core Sensors offers pressure transducers for various industrial applications. High accuracy, small profile, steel mill and other custom configurations are available.

Submersible Pressure Transducers

Core Sensors offers submersible pressure transducers for standard industrial applications such as tank level monitoring up to 100 PSI. Available in slim design (0.63″ diameter) packaging with various outputs and cable lengths.

Differential Pressure Transducers

Core Sensors offers wet/wet differential pressure transducers for use in applications such as filtration and sealed tank level monitoring. Differential pressure ranges up to 300 PSI are available.

CS84 Intrinsically safe differential pressure transducer

High Temperature Pressure Sensors

Core Sensors offers miniature pressure sensors designed to operate up to +204°C using a specialized silicon on sapphire technology. Designed for high temperature and downhole measurement applications. Additional PT1000 temperature outputs are available.

Hazardous Location Pressure Transducers

Core Sensors offers pressure transducers certified to CSA Class I, Division 1 Intrinsically Safe and Class I, Division 2 Non-Incendive, meeting North American standards. Configurations include low and high pressure, submersible and differential.

RTD Temperature Transmitters

Core Sensors offers temperature transmitters for standard industrial applications requiring fluid temperature measurement. Configurable temperature ranges from -40 to +200°C are available with various probe lengths. Internal amplification reduces install time.


Core Sensors offers various accessories that can be coupled with our sensors for a complete installation package. Common accessories include cooling adapters, mating connectors and mating cable assemblies.

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Technologies include MEMs-based bulk silicon and silicon-on-sapphire to meet a wide array of applications.


Core Sensors offers sensors with CSA and CE approval for use in hazardous and specialty applications.


All sensors and transducers are provided with a standard one (1) year warranty. Contact the factory for more details or view warranty information at the product level.

Application Experience

Our team has both product and application experience to support various sensor applications from industrial OEM equipment to hazardous location requirements.

Dedicated Support

Our customers are at the center of our focus. Our sales network is ready to provide support via phone, email, and on-site.

Competitive Pricing

Our team will work hard to explore various options and technologies to ensure the right product meets the application. Pricing is available for products from small to mid and high volume quantities.

Cooling Adapter for Extreme Temperatures

For applications where the temperature is outside of the specified temperature range of the transducer, Core Sensors offers an all 316L SS cooling adapter. This adapter isolates the transducer by increasing the distance from the extreme media temperature.

New Product: CS-SM Steel and Rolling Mill Pressure Sensor

Core Sensors has released the CS-SM series pressure sensor designed to operate in the rugged and demanding environments of the steel and aluminum industry. The CS-SM Steel Mill Pressure Sensor is ideal for applications such as roll forming, stamping, pumps and coolant systems.

New Product: CS1H High Accuracy Pressure Transducer

Core Sensors has expanded its portfolio of pressure transducers with the release of the CS1H High Accuracy Pressure Transducer, offering +/- 0.1% BFSL accuracy with pressure ranges up to 20,000 PSI. The CS1H is ideal for critical pressure measurement applications requiring high accuracy and performance in a robust package.

Compound Pressure Transducers

In a compound pressure transducer, the sensor is zero referenced to atmospheric pressure. The transducer has an offset “zero” output signal such that the baseline signal measures a full vacuum pressure range of -14.7 PSI (or -1 bar). Typically this is offered for low pressure, gauge referenced transducers.

Bi-Directional Pressure Transducers for Vapor Recovery

Core Sensors offers a variety of high quality bi-directional pressure transducers for use in low pressure vapor recovery operations. Unlike a unidirectional pressure transducer that can measure pressures from zero to a defined positive pressure (i.e. 0 to 70mBar), bi-directional pressure transducers measure both positive and negative pressure (i.e. -70mBar to +70mBar).

How to: Selecting a Pressure Sensor / Transducer / Transmitter

Pressure sensors/transducers/transmitters are offered with a wide variety of configurable options, sizes and approvals. This can make selecting the proper pressure sensor for your application difficult. This how to guide will help you identify the key pieces of information that are needed in order to select the most appropriate sensor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions regarding the selection and operation of pressure sensors, transducers and transmitters.

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Core Sensors

Core Sensors specializes in pressure and temperature sensors for industrial, hydrogen, energy and other fluid and gas process applications. Located in East Hanover, NJ, we create solutions for some of the most complex sensor requirements through our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities as well as through our manufacturing partners.

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